About the Artist


Lita was born and still lives and works in the north of England.  She always had a leaning towards art and studied at Bolton College of Art after completing her A’ levels.

However she did not immediately pursue an arty career, but studied for a science degree as a mature student, and then fell into accountancy.

In the early noughties Lita got the art bug again and decided to try to develop her own painting style.  She has subsequently exhibited in various galleries in the North West for a number of years and has also sold work to individual and corporate clients.

Lita’s work is inspired by many things, and she particularly likes the perspective, angles, shadows and architecture of places that she has visited; mills and chimneys of the industrial north, fishing villages in Devon and Cornwall, and modern city and waterfront scenes, which she turns into abstract pieces.  

Lita herself says that “a visual scene, or the atmosphere of a town or city, must ‘move’ me in some way; it is a right hemisphere thing and I find it hard to put it into words”. After a serious illness in 2012, Lita reassessed her priorities and, although she still crunches the numbers on occasion, she paints as much as she can, and thoroughly enjoys it.

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