About the Artist

Lita is based near Manchester and studied at Bolton Art College. Her work is inspired by her love of the northern English countryside, and the landscapes and architecture of other places that she has visited.

She says that “a visual scene, or the atmosphere of a town or city, must ‘move’ me in some way; it is a right hemisphere thing and I find it hard to put it into words”.

Escape to the garden

Lita uses oil and/or acrylic paint and inks to create many layers of work. She first tries to define the bones and perspective of a scene, and then builds colour up and down and injects light and shade onto the canvas until she has achieved the desired effect.

This process, she believes, creates “harmonics” in the painting, not all of which are immediately visible to the viewer, but which add richness and depth to the finished piece.

Lita has exhibited work in UK galleries, theatres, shops and at regional art fairs for many years, and her more recent abstract work is proving extremely popular with her client base.

All paintings on this site are original one off pieces of work and are for sale unless stated as SOLD

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