About the Artist

I studied at Bolton Art College and am still based near Manchester. My work is inspired by my love of the northern English countryside, and the landscapes and architecture of other places that I have visited.

I particularly like perspective, angles, shadows and architecture – the murkiness  of the industrial north, the crispness of fishing villages in Devon and Cornwall, and the majesty of modern cityscapes. 

My work is about creating the feel of a place rather than a pictorial description, and I use lots of mediums to achieve this in an impressionist and gestural style.

I hope that my paintings evoke an emotional response from my audience. 

Lita has exhibited and sold her work for a number of years, here are a few of the places where her work has been shown:

Manchester Art Fair, Bath Art Fair, Skipton Art in the Pen, Meander and Mooch Newark, Olchon Gallery Ramsbottom, MASA Gallery Bury, Wensley Gallery Ramsbottom, Octagon Theatre Bolton, Sutcliffe Contemporary Gallery Harrogate, Image Design Northern Editions Harrogate, Forza Dance Studios Bolton, Posh Living Bolton, Art and Craft Guild of Lancashire, Neoartists Bolton, Aberdeen Virtual Art Fair