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    2. Hi – I was surfing and it looks like you’ve invested a lot of time in your content strategy so I decided to reach out.

      I’m the founder of Career Karma, where we are passionate about helping people switch careers and learn new skills.
      I think this is especially relevant now with thousands of people losing their jobs due to COVID.

      I was wondering if I can submit a high-quality original blog post that’s never been published anywhere else, to be featured on your site?

      Here’s a list of possible topics:
      1) How remote work is changing tech salaries in the era of coronavirus
      2) How to Know if your current career isn’t right for you
      3) What to do if you lost your job because of COVID-19
      4) The future of work: are your skills up to date?
      5) How new technologies are disrupting incumbent industries
      6) The most resilient jobs during COVID-19
      7) How to hire and retain tech talents
      8) How COVID is impacting the education industry
      9) What are the future trends for the education industry

      Artur Meyster
      Founder of Career Karma

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